Discovering to write?

Discovering to write?

Discovery is not an especially effective approach for learning handwriting. Handwriting is best taught in separate periods of direct instruction and teacher supervised practice. Teachers can take a proactive stand to definitively and directly help students establish the habits and patterns that facilitate the development of legible, fluent writing. The results will have a positive impact on students for the rest of their lives.

Untrained teachers, if they teach the mechanics of writing at all, are often thrown upon the resource of using publishers’ copybooks. They expect children to copy, self-teach and internalise the material. And yet, without direct teaching, the attempt to learn writing often ends in disaster.

Stop 🚏 letting students discover how to write.

Partner with Writewiz Complete legibility and speed writing system in superior Cursive Writing style, a patented & copyrighted methodology that is easy to teach and easy to learn. A process that is fit to term a therapy than a curriculum as the methodology turn awesome results in students not only K to 12 but beyond.

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