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RoritoWritewiz is powered by RORITO, a brand owned by G M Pens International has been a pioneer in scripting revolution in the writing industry for the last three decades. Inking success with every brand and helping others ink their own success stories, is the saga of G M Pens International . G M Pens have brought into the country, renowned brands from across the world in collaboration with global players. Over the years, they have equipped themselves with the best of resources. Their human capital backed by technological expertise and sound solid experience has placed us on a fantastic pedestal.

G M Pens have, for themselves, set benchmarks which are still unparalleled world over and that has helped them in providing ultimate consumer delight. With the Corporate National Responsibility of Making in India, they will become part of the larger movement to take not just us but the whole nation forward and proud in the global market.


Rorito is a complete range of world-class writing instruments and stationery products which would enhance global standards of writing. Designed to offer the ultimate writing comfort and style, Rorito stands tall in delivering the quintessential of perfect writing.

We Collaborate with Global pioneers in writing inclusive of Schneider, Germany, brings global technology in writing to this part of the world. The technological association gives our instruments, perfection in every aspect of pen engineering.

Style & finesse in the pen design lends beauty making every instrument a work of art. Ergonomic styling is the operative word which ensures that the pen looks good but also provides writing comfort. Long, smooth hours of easy writing make the experience a complete delight to every writer.

In essence, Rorito is the smart choice of a global class technologically forward a range of pens to please the writing sense.
Rorito gives pleasure in every written word. In every statement made. In every inked impression. In everything new.
Rorito - write the new!

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