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No matter how bright a student is or how much effort the student has put in for exam preparations, it is a necessity for him/her to write the exam properly to score what the student deserves. The time you invest in Handwriting Improvement today can make your child score better in all his examinations


Writewiz employs an extensive, tried and tested research methodology that expertly integrates with the school’s curriculum and improve the handwriting of students in a scientific manner. Handwriting Improvement Curriculum can give your students the winning edge in academics and career


Writing of one stays as letters and words until it gets comprehended by the other and becomes a medium of communication. If a student has bad handwriting, they may not be able to understand it themselves. Handwriting Improvement is essential for better scores

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Our Services

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” It has improved pencil grasp method in children for greatest efficiency of movement, it automatically reduced pain, stress & strain in them after they started with this course. Now, they are at ease. They are relaxed and they complete their written work on time and with good handwriting. “

Mary Shanthi Principal, Blossom School, Tanjore.

” Our children took part in various handwriting competition conducted by various organisations. They won the prizes because we introduced in our school this handwriting script & letter formation. At the end of the year, we found many students have improved a lot. “

Ms.Srimathi Principal, JRK Mat Hr Sec School, Maraimalarnagar, Chennai

” I find this very good. Really our children have improved their handwriting very much. I recommend this system. I welcome this system in our school. And I feel that every school…All the children in every school need this system for improvement in handwriting.

Mrs.Selva Latha Principal, Sornammal Mat Hr Sec School, Chennai

” My son’s handwriting has improved. What I liked was the willingness of the child to attend the classes. He lights up when talking about his teachers. That’s great. Keep it up. “

Kuldeep Tater Father of Shreyas Tater, age -9, Class - 4, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar, Chennai

” My son has improved his handwriting, created an interest in writing, reading and also showing a greater interest in his studies. Thank you. “

Shankaranarayanan Parent of Kameshwaran, age- 13, Class - 8, Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Chennai

” I thank writewiz for transforming my granddaughter’s handwriting to ‘excellent’ in less than a month. May it impart such transformation to a million more students in the coming years.”

Natesan Ramanan Parent, Jenson Ranch School, U.S.A


Writewiz Handwriting Improvement Curriculum reviewed by head of school

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Hand dominance

Hand dominance is the natural tendency for human beings to favour one hand over the other.  It requires coordination of the small muscles in the hand to properly control a writing tool. 

What is Graphomotor?

These abilities involve coordinating the small muscles at the ends of student’s fingers that help form letters while writing.

9 Handwriting  do’s and don’ts

1. Do  sit up  straight.  (Imagine you have a long neck like a giraffe touching the roof.)  Your nose should be at least a ruler length away from your desk.

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