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Handwriting style is important, but often ignored, factor in student's achievement, regardless of his/her ability. No matter how bright a student is or how much effort the student has put in for exam preparations, writing examination is a skill of writing fast and legible that is a must to score what the student deserves.

Writing examination need special skills

The use of fixed-time examinations in schools and colleges makes the students with slow writing speeds unable to complete the exams even if they are informed of all the answers. Moreover, the answers written in the sheet need to be legible and comprehendible to the teacher who is evaluating the paper. If not, the answer sheet will be a turn off to the evaluator who might award marks lesser than the marks it deserves. Students achieving higher marks tend to write in a better handwriting style than those who underachieved.

writing examination and parent

Program Benefits

  • A child who is active and enthusiastic to learn from his notes and write assignments
  • Your kid will no more be afraid of writing examinations
  • You will see a confident child riding high on his self-esteem
  • More marks in examinations
  • Time management in writing
  • No need for a separate coaching class or manual to improve your child's handwriting
  • Since Writewiz is integrated into the school curriculum, your kid won't be feeling the additional burden of learning something new
  • The syllabus is fun to learn and your child will love to write more
  • A beautiful handwriting of your child will earn you the envy of your relatives

Parents Role

No child's practice bears fruit unless there is a contribution from the parent's side in helping and supporting the child when he/she is writing the homework. In addition to checking the positioning of the books while writing and ensuring that the child holds the pen/pencil in between the thumb, index and middle fingers, parents can, in addition, ensure the following while their kid is writing;

  • Your kid needs to be seated on a proper-sized table and chair in an upright position while writing
  • There shall be ample supply of writing instruments and erasers at home at all times
  • Let not the child change the writing instrument often
  • Be positive about handwriting. The attitude you express will be the attitude your child acquires
  • The child has to write his/her homework neatly, with correct letter size, uniform slant, and proper spacing between words and letters. Patience and focus while writing will help a long way in making the child write better
  • Please applaud and encourage the child when you spot an improvement in his/her writing. Handwriting improvement is a slow process. So, it is good, as a parent, to have realistic expectations. Be patient as the learner negotiates with new writing skills
  • Every child has his/her own strength and weakness. Never compare your child with other students. More focussed the practice, sooner the learning
  • Practices writing examination using model question papers on a regular basis


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” My son’s handwriting has improved. What I liked was the willingness of the child to attend the classes. He lights up when talking about his teachers. That’s great. Keep it up. “

Kuldeep Tater Father of Shreyas Tater, age -9, Class - 4, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar, Chennai

” My son has improved his handwriting, created an interest in writing, reading and also showing a greater interest in his studies. Thank you. “

Shankaranarayanan Parent of Kameshwaran, age- 13, Class - 8, Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Chennai

” I thank writewiz for transforming my granddaughter’s handwriting to ‘excellent’ in less than a month. May it impart such transformation to a million more students in the coming years.”

Natesan Ramanan Parent, Jenson Ranch School, U.S.A
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