Good handwriting has always been the mark of a well-schooled and educated individual. It helps a young mind to learn how to focus, process thoughts and present them in a convincing and neat manner. Writing is an art. Writing legibly is a necessity. Writing beautifully is pride. Writewiz gives you beautiful, legible handwriting with speed.

Our unique curriculum has been carefully developed over the course of more than two and a half decades of research and has already transformed the handwriting skills of over 250,000 students with combined contracts of over 350 schools. Writewiz employs a tried and tested scientific methodology that empowers students to convey their ideas and thoughts, quickly and legibly.

Writewiz, from Lanchestter Academy, is an initiative by Rorito, which believes that good handwriting can be taught with professional teaching modules. Writewiz is a unique handwriting programme that has already proven itself across many schools in four states across the country. It is a programme envisioned to make students sharper, shape them into better professionals and thereby, make their future brighter.

What sets WriteWiz apart is the fact that our curriculum is the finest of its kind in the world. It is built on a foundation of the most effective techniques and practices from fields such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and the Montessori method. It is easy for teachers to implement and for students to learn, yet it delivers truly transformative results in terms of improved writing legibility and speed.

Writewiz has trained over 26,000 teachers, who have consistently achieved impressive results with their students using our program in our partner schools.


Writewiz Handwriting Transformation methodology, Writewiz Workbook, GroFia Kit, GrEM Training and iCalligrapho Pencil are Patented & Copyrighted


Writwiz Handwriting Curriculum has corrected over 250000 students & over 26000 teachers received GrEM training from all school boards across 6 states in India

20 years research

Rorito and Writewiz research team have spent about 20 years of research to create unique Writewiz Cursive and Writewiz Handwriting Workbooks


Writing is a revered art, the one that requires dedication, sound theoretical background and a plenty of practice to excel. WritewizTM employs a methodology that trains and strengthens the physical and mental requirements of students to write beautifully and legibly. Be it in developing good eye-hand coordination skills, good pencil grip, improving wrist flexibility, or perfecting a posture while writing; every aspect is covered in an interesting and involving manner, to help students write better and faster.

Writewiz has also developed unique handwriting 'learning and enhancement' tools that can help and guide students on their path to flawless and beautiful handwriting.

Once motor skills and basics like correct pencil grip and posture are perfected, Writewiz will begin teaching the script.

Writewiz Handwriting Methodology

Writewiz Handwriting tools


Writewizhelps children establish a motor plan, when they first learn to make strokes and lines. GroFiA, a unique patented researched methodology enables this, by helping children organise and execute their primary writing actions, to deliberate speed and legibility from the growing stages of motor pattern recognition. The motor plan once established, is executed quicker and with less conscious thought, until the action becomes automated. For example, if kids establish a motor plan of drawing horizontal lines from right to left, they are more likely to use that motor plan to form letters. GroFiATM offers a unique base for children to develop their writing by:

  • Reviewing and recapping activities to encourage self-improvement
  • Offering a step-by-step progression from basic 4 line, to single line / blank sheet writing (with reference to classes)
  • Commencing from introductory level to higher levels of sophistication and style
  • Gradually leveraging performance level for every class from the second year onwards
  • Assessment and grading after each module
  • Specialised worksheets for students with difficulties in specific areas

Why Writewiz Handwriting Program

Writewiz program has the following advantages:

  • Proven methodology
  • Our Handwriting Improvement therapy is scientifically modulated to suit students need.
  • Our writing exercises use therapy based Cursive training that improves learning, develop minds and increase hand coordination, fine motor skills and visual motor skills.
  • Improved
    • Fluency is the ability to carry out the motor movements required for handwriting smoothly, easily, comfortably and readily.
    • Legibility is the ease with which the reader (and the writer) can discern the handwriting on the page and is directly related to how well formed the letters are.
    • Speed is the rate at which handwriting is produced in relation to a student’s developmental stage.
  • Lessen writing finger strain
  • Students learn correct technique to use writing instruments
  • Students are taught writing fatigue reducing techniques
  • The course conducted with ample experience in student handling and correction methodology.
  • Attention is given to help students write letters, words, and sentences in a way that keep handwriting legible.
  • We train correct letter formation, letter placement, spacing between letters, and spacing between words.
    Senior students get training to write on single line and blank sheets.
  • All students stationeries needs are met by us
  • Our course will help the child to improve his handwriting no matter what the level of education the student is undergoing.
  • Student gain self confidence
  • Student will start to complete his work
  • Write legibly and clearly
  • Teacher will be able to decipher what is written and award appropriate marks
  • The taste of higher marks at the academics will be a motivating factor to aim for better marks next time.
  • Help him or her to gain a lifetime of better handwriting which will be added advantage in career and personal life.
  • Clearer thought processes for the writer - No longer having to struggle with the "how" of writing (i.e., how to form the letters), the brain is freed to work on idea formation and composition. The result is better written compositions.
  • Easier reading and interpretation for the reader - The reader no longer has to interpret sloppy pen strokes to figure out what is being said and is able to concentrate on the evaluation of the writer's ideas.
  • More receptive audiences to the writing - easy-to-read documents result in an audience that is more receptive of the ideas that the document presents.
  • Raised sense of self-competence as writers, which in turn increases achievement across all subjects

For ease of teaching and to promote familiarity with students, the programme will also be taught by the institution's very own teaching staff, who, will be trained exclusively by GrEM and Writewiz. The programme will have a set curriculum every year and as a normal subject will have reviews and marks, that will contribute to overall academic performance.


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” It has improved pencil grasp method in children for greatest efficiency of movement, it automatically reduced pain, stress & strain in them after they started with this course. Now, they are at ease. They are relaxed and they complete their written work on time and with good handwriting. “

Mary Shanthi Principal, Blossom School, Tanjore.

” Our children took part in various handwriting competition conducted by various organisations. They won the prizes because we introduced in our school this handwriting script & letter formation. At the end of the year, we found many students have improved a lot. “

Ms.Srimathi Principal, JRK Mat Hr Sec School, Maraimalarnagar, Chennai

” I find this very good. Really our children have improved their handwriting very much. I recommend this system. I welcome this system in our school. And I feel that every school…All the children in every school need this system for improvement in handwriting.

Mrs.Selva Latha Principal, Sornammal Mat Hr Sec School, Chennai

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