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The Writewiz Handwriting Curriculum teaches a well-researched style of cursive that is easy to learn, easy to read, and easy to write. Each Writewiz Handwriting Workbook Exercise include appealing and impressive activities for cursive writing skill mastery and approaches for recognising and remediating students’  mistakes while practising to write and keeping them on the roadway to cursive achievement! 

Writewiz Handwriting Workbook

iCalligrapho complements Writewiz Handwriting WorkbookOur Writewiz Handwriting Workbooks have been designed to make teaching and learning the art of good handwriting, a simple and enjoyable experience. All workbooks are designed to be consistent from one level to another, by using purposeful illustrations and easy to follow instructions. GroFia Handwriting Kit and iCalligrapho pencil complement our workshop helping the student learn easy and faster.

Writewiz Handwriting Workbook facilitates an easy learning with an easy transition from letter to letter.  Learning path incorporates letter review with words and sentences with activities that combine handwriting instruction with paragraph, poem, composition, and language arts activities.

These engage the student and aid making the arduous task of handwriting an intriguing experience. Writewiz workbooks are spread across a number of levels that teach and test the various aspects of handwriting, until a student masters the art of writing beautifully.

On completing the workbook, students will be able to enjoy beautiful and legible handwriting, that is fast to write and easy to read.


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