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Writewiz Handwriting Curriculum employs an extensive, tried and tested research methodology that expertly integrates with the school's curriculum and improves the handwriting of students in a scientific manner.

Handwriting Curriculum with relevance to the class

The program provides handwriting solution for students from kindergarten to senior classes. The Handwriting exercises span from the four-lined notebook at early stages to blank sheets for students of senior age. The most striking feature of this handwriting curriculum is that it trains students on class-relevant content. For example, a fifth standard handwriting curriculum will carry content from the fifth standard subject books. So practising writing will not only enhance their handwriting skills but will also indirectly help them to understand the subject concepts while practising them as well.

Writewiz Handwriting Curriculum Pyramid model


Writewiz's Handwriting Curriculum improves the hand-eye coordination, fine and visual motor skills to provide fluency in movements that produce a beautiful handwriting without fatigue. It trains students in aspects of correct letter formation, letter placement and spacing. This patented teaching module lets the students practice with their thoroughly researched workbook that is customised based on the syllabus of the classes the students are in to make teaching and learning the art of good handwriting a simple, fun and enjoyable experience. All workbooks are designed to be simple and consistent from one level to another. Purposeful illustrations and simple instructions that engage the student aid in making the arduous task of handwriting an intriguing experience. The entire course employs four workbooks that come designed to suit both right and left-handed writers.

  • Colouring, shading, tracing, Dot-to-dot, motor skill and hand to eye coordination development patterns for Kindergarten students
  • Uppercase, lowercase, connections, words in Elementary School
  • Sentences on 4 lines, 2 lines, single line by Middle school.
  • Sentences on blank sheets by High School

By this stage, students will be able to enjoy beautiful and legible handwriting that is fast to write and easy to read. We also specialise in cursive style depending on the school's preference.


Writewiz is taken to the doors of every classroom through the schools' own set of teachers. This will make the students connect more to the syllabus as it is fed in the same way as their curriculum. Teachers in school will be given intensive training on imparting handwriting improvement techniques for 2 days. Teachers will also be taken through a 30-day continuous enhancement course. Fallback training & refresher training will be done hands-on. Live assistance of school trainers will be backed up online.

Through Grade Empowering Masters or GEMs, Writewiz imparts extensive training to the school faculty. They will be exposed to our curriculum to guide and monitor the program. At every step of the process, Writewiz extends its support through,

  • Training sessions and workshops for teachers every year
  • Periodic visits to school for support and review
  • Updated and revised workbooks and special worksheets
  • Annual handwriting competition with certification
  • Examination presentation technique for board students
  • Tele and video conferencing support

Writewiz Handwriting Curriculum Teacher Support

Writewiz Handwriting Curriculum School benefit


  • Our unique program improves the scores of your students in board exams
  • Since the syllabus is integrated into the curriculum, there's no need for spending extra time in the form of special or extra classes
  • Offer a multi-dimensional, new and helpful approach in writing for students
  • Students will be motivated to take class notes more actively
  • Optimization of student's writing speed which will enable them to complete the examination well within the stipulated time
  • A confident set of school students with high self-esteem
  • Creating an accelerated learning atmosphere for the students
  • A result, a lucid, beautiful handwriting, that students can savour for their entire lifetime


80 hours

The program will be for a minimum of 80 hours per academic year.

2 sessions/week

The course will be for 2 periods, every week.

KG-XII classes

The WritewizTM Handwriting Enhancement Programme is designed to start from LKG and progress like any other regular subject in school to Class 12.

” It has improved pencil grasp method in children for greatest efficiency of movement, it automatically reduced pain, stress & strain in them after they started with this course. Now, they are at ease. They are relaxed and they complete their written work on time and with good handwriting. “

Mary Shanthi Principal, Blossom School, Tanjore.

” Our children took part in various handwriting competition conducted by various organisations. They won the prizes because we introduced in our school this handwriting script & letter formation. At the end of the year, we found many students have improved a lot. “

Ms.Srimathi Principal, JRK Mat Hr Sec School, Maraimalarnagar, Chennai

” I find this very good. Really our children have improved their handwriting very much. I recommend this system. I welcome this system in our school. And I feel that every school…All the children in every school need this system for improvement in handwriting.

Mrs.Selva Latha Principal, Sornammal Mat Hr Sec School, Chennai


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