9 Handwriting  do’s and don’ts

1. Do  sit up  straight.  (Imagine you have a long neck like a giraffe touching the roof.)  Your nose should be at least a ruler length away from your desk.

2.  Do put your feet on the floor. Put a small stool under your desk if you can’t reach the floor.

3.  Do have your paper at a comfortable angle, in line with your forearm. 

4.  Do move your paper up as you fill the page. 

5.  Do hold your pencil between your thumb, index and middle finger.    

6.  Don’t grip your pen so that your hand aches.  A thicker pen or special grip may help with this. Rorito iCalligrapho is the best handwriting pencil. ( https://www.writewiz.in/handwriting-pencil  )

7.  Don’t have your table and chair too big or too small. You want approximately 90° at your ankles, knees and hips and your table needs to be just above your elbow height when sitting with your arms at your sides. 

8.  Don’t have a shadow over your work and make sure there is enough light. 

9.  Don’t have your elbows touching your neighbours if you are sharing the same bench.

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