Assist Child to Better Handwriting


Handwriting is a complex procedure of managing written language by coordinating the eyes, arms, hands, pencil grip, letter formation, and body posture.  

The evolution of a child’s handwriting can provide clues to developmental problems that could hinder a child’s learning because teachers depend on written work to measure how well a child is learning. 

Writewiz centers can evaluate the fundamental components that support a student’s handwriting, such as muscle strength, endurance, coordination, and motor control, and parents can encourage activities at home to support good handwriting skills.

What can Writewiz can do to assist your child write better? 

■ Demonstrate proper posture to supports the proper use of the arms, hands, head, and eyes. 

■ Provide activities to enhance physical strength and endurance for writing activity.

■ Fine tune fine motor control, such as the ability to control a writing utensil. 

■ Train and develop optical and perceptual ability that influences a child’s ability to form letters and shapes using a writing utensil. 

■ Suggest home activities that further the development of skills needed in good handwriting.

What can parents and families do? 

■ Encourage children to take part in sports and games that could improve  visual, motor, and coordination skills, such as playing ball, pallankuzhi, marbles, and outdoor sports. 

■ Require children and teenagers to use silverware when eating to develop hand grip. 

■ Provide an activity that exercises the hands, such as cutting pie dough or pizza/chappathi and using cookie cutters. 

■ Encourage writing handwritten letters to grandparents and friends. 

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