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Writing is the second fastest tool to let a person communicate with the other (or oneself) and the only possible tool that has a record of the communication. Writing of one stays as letters and words until it gets comprehended by the other and becomes a medium of communication. To make the communication better, student handwriting must be legible. What is the use of writing when no one understands it clearly? Handwriting is an art, but never a modern art.

Student Handwriting if poor

If a student has bad handwriting, they may not be able to understand it themselves. This will limit their interest in reading their own class notes and assignments, their study time turns boring, shrinks in duration, efforts turn light and obviously their results in exams get poor. If a student doesn't have good handwriting, then the teacher will have a hard time deciphering their work and this too can lead to lower grades.

Poor Handwriting

The ill-effects of bad handwriting are an iceberg. Poor legibility and low grades are only the tip of the iceberg. The hazards of poor handwriting run deep into a child's psychological and attitudinal behaviour.

Effect of student handwriting if illegible

Effect of student handwriting if legible


Good Handwriting

From a student perspective, good handwriting can do wonders to change the perception of his/her abilities in the minds of teachers and friends. A visible, drastic change can be seen from the way the student approaches his/her studies when handwriting turns beautiful and legible to his/her eyes.

  • Students gain self-confidence that they too can perform well as their peers
  • They start taking notes from blackboard or what is dictated faster
  • Will be able to answer all questions within the exam time
  • They will start writing legibly and clearly
  • Teacher will be able to decipher what is written and award appropriate marks
  • Neatly written examination papers might tempt the teacher to award grace marks
  • Better marks at the academics will be a motivating factor to aim for better marks next time.
  • Help them to gain a lifetime of better handwriting which will be added advantage in their career and personal life.
  • When students complete this course, they will increase handwriting legibility, style and speed.


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” My son’s handwriting has improved. What I liked was the willingness of the child to attend the classes. He lights up when talking about his teachers. That’s great. Keep it up. “

Kuldeep Tater Father of Shreyas Tater, age -9, Class - 4, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar, Chennai

” My son has improved his handwriting, created an interest in writing, reading and also showing a greater interest in his studies. Thank you. “

Shankaranarayanan Parent of Kameshwaran, age- 13, Class - 8, Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Chennai

” I thank writewiz for transforming my granddaughter’s handwriting to ‘excellent’ in less than a month. May it impart such transformation to a million more students in the coming years.”

Natesan Ramanan Parent, Jenson Ranch School, U.S.A
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