School Partnership: Bring Writewiz Handwriting Curriculum to Your School

When students succeed with Writewiz School Partnership, schools succeed. More than 135 thousand students benefited from the Writewiz Handwriting Curriculum. We use enjoyable, appealing, and level appropriate instructional methods to empower children to master handwriting as a spontaneous and easy skill.

So what does Writewiz School Partnership mean to your school?

The incredible thing about good handwriting that is facilitated by Writewiz, is that it effects can be felt by everyone. Right from the students to teachers, to even the parents. The confidence and discipline good handwriting can impart to each student, arms them with the edge they need to succeed. Your parents, teachers and students will be thankful for the Writewiz School Partnership

For teachers, correcting assignments become easier thanks to more legible and neat handwriting, enabling them to teach and guide students better. 

For parents, Writewiz Handwriting Enhancement Programme can give an immense sense of pride.

But that's not all. The effect of Writewiz training transcends beyond home and school to the world outside too, where good handwriting opens doors, gains respect and is recognised by game changers and leaders of various companies and organisations.

Rest assured, with the power of Writewiz under your student's belt, the world will be their oyster.

Decide today on Writewiz School Partnership; give your students the high scoring edge.

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