Handwriting is relevant in cyberage

Handwriting is still relevant in CyberageFor centuries learning to write joined-up letters has been an integral part of children's education, but that is now being threatened by the computer revolution. But the truth is Handwriting is till relevant in cyberage

Our grandchildren may use a stylus on a tablet PC instead of a Parker Pen on tablet paper, but they will continue to write.

That's because even in an era when elementary school students are adept at mousing and teenagers are fiends at text-messaging, some experts say that writing with a pen is still the backbone for teaching people how to read and learn facts. The difference will be in how the characters are made.

Typically in many schools all over the world, a large amount of time l is spent up in writing notes, assignment and copying from the board. The evaluation of a student is still linked to written exams.

Handwriting difficulties can, therefore, weaken educational progress and interfere with learning. Handwriting fluency can affect completing written assignments, ability to take notes during lectures and frequency of writing

Rhona Stainthorp, the professor of literacy at the Institute of Education at University College London (UCL), says: "Unless children learn to write legibly and at speed, their educational achievements may be reduced and their self-esteem affected.

US psychologist Karin James, Indiana University,  2012 study found that the “doing” part of drawing letters by hand increases activity in three areas of a child’s brain that adults use when they read and write. Research at the University of Washington by US psychologist Virginia Berninger has shown that handwriting and typing on a computer keyboard generate different and distinctive brain patterns in children and that handwriting enables children to generate more words and more ideas.


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